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New Analytics in WayPoint

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This year is WayPoint’s 10th anniversary, and we’re celebrating by adding powerful new features that will make it easier than ever to optimize your cash-flow and profits. These functionalities add to the existing 80+ reports already at your disposal.

WayPoint 2018: new features broadcast


October 2018

  • Pricing: pricing advice, reflecting your true cost of doing business
  • Help videos: short, insightful videos to guide you on reports


NBC Profits to Expenses (P2E) &NBC Profits to Compensation (P2C)

Keep track of how much profit you make for each dollar you spend on various costs after the break even point with WayPoint’s two newest features. Both of these features can be found under the Comparative P&L report on the General tab. A customer-specific P2E breakdown can also be found under High Volume Accounts and Regular Accounts under the Customer tab

Company-wide dashboard

Executives can now get an instant snapshot of 4 trending performance indicators:

  • Profit potential vs Realized
  • Average order value
  • Money-losing customers as a %
  • Cost rates as % of Operating Cash

Dynamic help system

Advance contextual help now available


Spanish & French-Canadian can now be set

Role-based login

Individual user can now be assigned job-related roles that quickly define the subset of menus they access.

User-defined custom reports

As part of our new Administration System, you can now customize reports to your needs

Local Administration System

You can now actively manage your users, menus and costing setup in a dedicated system. Contact us to get access.

Fixed headers & sorting

progressive rollout to all reports

Rebate reports

You can now actively manage and maximize the rebates you’ll receive from suppliers, making next year’s rebates the best ever.:

Rebates by Vendor

Analyzes and reports all the parameters that drive the profits in each of your supplier relationships. You’ll see the impact of rebates provided by the vendors, the rebate pass-through to customers, the benefits of vendor pre-pay on shipping, the impact of returns, cost-to-serve by vendor, negative invoice rate, credits and more. This report will make it easy to compare and contrast your supplier relationships and will be a powerful negotiating tool for buyers and company leaders.

Rebates by SKU

Analyzes the profit impact of rebates on every item sold, making it easy to select and emphasize the most profitable products while accounting for their impact on rebate income.

Rebates by Rep

Analyzes the profit impact of rebates by sales territory, quickly identifying the territories that produce more (or less) rebate income. Using this report, you can reward the reps whose territories generate exceptional rebate income, and work on improvements in the rest.

Rebates by Customer

Analyzes the impact of rebated product in each customer account, accounting for both vendor rebates and rebate pass-throughs to the customer. This is all put into the context of each customer’s margins, cost-to-serve and profit rates, showing the overall impact of rebates on territory profit generation. With this report, sales managers can work with the reps to increase territory profits.

With so many unique and powerful reports, we can’t show them all here.

Watch our instant demo video for a guided tour of some of the best reports in WayPoint and either or call us at 480-426-9955 to arrange a no-obligation live demonstration for you and your team.

You’ll be delighted by what is possible with WayPoint.