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Breakthrough Distribution Profits

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What WayPoint Is

WayPoint is a companion system that adds advanced cost and profit analytics to any ERP system. You can quickly bring your existing system up to state-of-the-art without retraining your staff or the headaches of a lengthy and expensive transition.

With this secure, in-the-cloud system, any of your authorized team members can access hundreds of profit reports from any device. Now everyone can begin work on the unseen profit opportunities that already exist in your business.

In distribution, most invoices are unprofitable.
Shifting this balance is the key to high profit rates.

With WayPoint you can:

  • focus resources and priorities into areas where most money is made
  • measure and improve operational efficiency
  • identify and address profit leaks
  • segment customers by profit value to drive pricing and customer service priorities
  • measure profit in every sale, account, product and territory
  • ...and much, much more.

Five Reasons Why Distributors Get WayPoint

  1. It shows how to make more money without needing to have more sales.
  2. It focuses sales on most-likely profitable target accounts for profit share gains.
  3. It identifies profit-driving accounts and activities for more focus, and hidden money-losers for elimination.
  4. It adds state-of-the-art analytics to their existing systems—no need for expensive and disruptive migrations.
  5. They get expert strategy advice and proven tactics to guide their teams.

Exclusive New Metrics

WayPoint is always adding new metrics so you get new insights and reports on your company’s performance. Important metrics (like OpCash Ratio, ROX) quantify the efficiency of customer relationships—how much profit opportunity exists or profit is made for each dollar spent on operations or sales pay.

Why This Matters

The secret to superior profit rates isn’t getting all the customers—it’s getting the majority of the most profitable ones. With a sophisticated system like WayPoint, you’ll know who those customers are so you can protect those you have, and target those you don’t.

Most of the profit you earn (yellow) pays for
money-losing sales (red), leaving only a fraction
for the bottom line (green).

Keep Your System

Before WayPoint, distribution companies had to upgrade or change their ERP systems, with all the attendant costs, delays, and loss of focus for extended periods. Now you can add world-class analytics to your existing system, getting all the benefits without disrupting your business.

Go beyond Business Intelligence

Distributors can jump ahead of the curve by using an Analytics package dedicated to their business model.

We’re Here to Help

At no extra cost, our senior team is available for consultation, sharing their experience on a broad range of best practices. You get top strategies and expert tactics to quickly and sustainably maximize cash flow and profits.

We’re proud of our record, with distributor clients routinely getting substantial increases in profit rates and sales growth!

See for Yourself !

Your business is making more money than you know, but you’re losing it on hidden costs. Let us show you why WayPoint is the fast-track to changing this dynamic.

Get on track in the race for profits.
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