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How WayPoint Helps Distributors

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WayPoint is an in-the-cloud subscription service that combines costs from your financial statement with your invoice data to compute highly-detailed cost and profit numbers for every aspect of your distribution business. Your company can access hundreds of expert-designed reports and thousands of exclusive performance metrics. With WayPoint, you gain insights your competitors don’t have so you can take action your competitors can’t match.

The World’s Most Sophisticated Costing System — Simplified

WayPoint uses Quantum Costing™, the system we invented to do costing your way. WayPoint takes every cost from your profit-and-loss statement (or directly from your G/L), and distributes it to the transaction subset where it belongs. Whether you have a handful of numbers, or tens of thousands, WayPoint can handle it.

After processing, WayPoint will have calculated a complete P&L for every line of every invoice. With this done, you can see the cost and profit dynamics for every account, territory, product line, branch, vendor, or shipping method. You can drill into the details of every rep, customer, product, or vendor and see what’s really going on. You can exploit hidden opportunities and move to correct dysfunctional processes.

We Know Distribution

Wholesale distribution is full of complex equations that demand precision, so it’s vital that your company is equipped to handle things like:

  • supplier rebates and discounts
  • fleet and delivery costs
  • sales compensation costs
  • branch operating costs
  • drop shipments
  • customer specials
  • eCommerce and EDI

WayPoint handles every eventuality through a sophisticated, rules-based system that provides both the power to cost right down to the invoice line level and the flexibility to meet the needs of even the most complex and demanding scenarios.

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