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WayPoint Reports for Distributors

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WayPoint has more than 100 base reports, each with up to a dozen pop-up sub-reports that drill into the finest details of your distribution business. There’s no programming required—we’ve developed essentially every imaginable view of how costs and profits are driven in each customer relationship, product line, sales territory, or aspect of your operations. These are reports you can’t find anywhere else! Not in Business Intelligence tools, not in your ERP either. This is why a dedicated Analytics software opens-up a world of improvements to your operations.

High-Volume Accounts

This report originated as a thought exercise by our experts: "If I were a Sales VP, what would I want to see that would immediately drive sales action?" The result is one of the most powerful reports ever conceived to drive up profits and profit rates. This report segments the customer base, showing:

  • those best for product penetration (HLA)
  • those to protect with concierge customer service (HLA & HEA)
  • those whose competitors are the best targets for growth (HEA)
  • those that are a dead loss and need to be replaced (PDA)

It also shows:

  • which accounts have excessive numbers of money-losing invoices
  • the service frequency of the account
  • how long since an order has been processed

This report can focus sales effort and tactics on the right customers for maximum effect.

Customer Metrics & Target Margins

The Customer Metrics report is designed to report the profit performance of each account, and indicate suggested target margins for underperforming accounts. The report lists customer accounts, showing:

  • the operating cash generated from sales (GP$)
  • gross margin (GM%)
  • operating costs (Exp)
  • Profit (NBC)
  • B/E margin for money-losing accounts
  • target margin for profit improvements

This report can provide guidance on selective pricing that can substantially improve profit performance.

Customer Rank by Profit Delta

To really improve future territory profit performance, you need to know which customers are helping increase profit, and which are decreasing it. Without the in-depth analytics of WayPoint, it’s impossible to see the impact of shifting volumes, margins, order sizes, and activity costs. With this report, reps can quickly understand where territory performance is slipping and seize emerging opportunities that are going to add to profit.

Customer Credits / Below-Cost

Returns and below-cost sales have an outsized impact on profits, and this report helps you get a handle on which accounts are producing these often-unnecessary drains. It’s not uncommon for the elimination of these costs to increase the company’s bottom line by 50%-75% or more! Items sold below cost because of keying errors in inventory or pricing errors in quotes can also be damaging to profits. Identifying and working on these items can pay big dividends.

SKU Backorder Stats

Back-orders can really harm profits, so it’s important to see where and why they’re happening, and to act to prevent those that repeat. This report ranks SKUs by:

  • the number of times they’ve gone into backorder
  • the average and maximum number of days to fill
  • the revenue that was held up

This is a punch list for refining order minimums, and for working with vendors to eliminate backorders before they happen.

High-Potential Products

This report segments the most profit-impactful products by profit value, helping bring a product-line focus to the fight for profits. When you have thousands of products, it brings focus to the ones that matter, and gives clarity to:

  • the cash-flow they produce
  • the profit rates they drive
  • the number of sales they’re on

Products are classified as:

  • High-Value Products (HVP) with high profit rates
  • High-Potential Products (HPP) with high cash-flow
  • Profit-Drain Products which product significant losses

Comparative P & L

The Comparative P&L is one of the most useful investigative reports in WayPoint. It produces a complete P&L for any selection of data, comparing multiple elements of any logistical or demographic breakout. Just a few of the possibilities are:

  • P&L by branch
  • P&L by territory
  • P&L by customer type
  • P&L by product line
  • P&L by vendor
  • and many more

With this report, it’s quick and easy to zero in on the elements of your business that really drive profits or cause unseen losses so you can act now to change your future results.

P&L Cost Source Breakdown

This report reveals how WayPoint determines expenses throughout the system. Whether you’re looking at the results for a sales territory, a customer, a branch, or a product line, it shows the portion of each applicable expense from your P&L that’s been assigned. Complex scenarios, like the expenses incurred when another branch fills an order, rebate programs, and company overhead assignment, are handled consistently and automatically so the numbers are precise no matter the situation.

5X5 Sales Dashboard

The NBC 5x5 Sales Dashboard report give managers the perfect tool for effective sales coaching. It pulls the most important stats from a myriad of other reports, and organizes them to focus attention on the accounts that matter — the five groups of five accounts that make or break the company, branch or territory:

  • 5 most profitable (protect and penetrate)
  • 5 best opportunity (sell more)
  • 5 biggest money-losers (fix or replace)
  • 5 fastest growing (find more)
  • 5 in deep decline (recapture)

It also provides year-over-year stats, and some powerful metrics you can’t find in any other system.

With so many unique and powerful reports, we can’t show them all here.

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