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Setting up WayPoint

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Each distribution business is unique, so your data and finance teams will work closely with WayPoint to create a customized data loader and specially modified financial rules. This combination provides you with granular line-item profit analysis information which no other system can offer.

Your database administrator will meet with our technical team to review the information needed to create your custom data loader. Once your loader is built, data submission and processing is fully automated.

At the same time your Controller, CFO, or Accounting Manager will meet with our financial analyst’s team to review the information necessary to input all of your financial information. WayPoint applies relevant best practices when creating your financial distribution rules.

You’ll receive weekly implementation status updates letting you know exactly where you are in the process.


Once your build is complete, your financial team will be free to test your customized costing rules, best practices, and management philosophies, as represented in the system.

A Strategy for the Future

Finally, your leadership team will join our executive team for a strategy session. We will offer you four to five initiatives that we would launch if we ran your company, and explain to your team how you can measure your successes on those initiatives using WayPoint reports. You’ll be set up with a plan of action and a way to judge your progress on it - and profit from it.

WayPoint’s entire team remains available to you on an on-going basis. Your system will grow with you - WayPoint will refine and enhance your custom costing rules and support your company’s changing needs.

See what your business is capable of - or call us at 480-426-9955 to set up a live demonstration and Q&A.