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We’ve collected some of our most interesting and useful articles, providing a unique perspective on important industry topics. This growing collection of articles will provide keen insight into the trends and theories within the distribution industry.

The Seven Limiting Beliefs that Prevent Profit

Written by Randy MacLean, it lays out the seven most-common limiting beliefs that absolutely prevent leaders from taking their companies into the future. Through the use of analytics, Randy completely disproves these beliefs.

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Six Critical Analytics Reports Every Company Must Have

From Whale Curve Reports to Profit Delta Reports, here’s a list and accompanying descriptions of the Six Critical Reports distribution companies need in order to stay competitive and achieve peak profitability.

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Uncover Sweet Spots Using Net Profit

Good segmentation of your markets is one of the keys to successful new customer acquisition, making sales and marketing efforts more efficient and effective. Focusing on sweet spots lowers your acquisition cost and increases customer profitability. The following approach uses net profit or net before compensation to help determine effective segmentation. It assumes that past success in the market is the best predictor for future success. If you can identify successful segments, that success can be replicated in the market by acquiring similar customers. Replicating success is the fastest way to grow your business.

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Five Secrets of Effective Profit Management

Product mixes, volumes and purchasing effectiveness vary widely between accounts, and directly impose differing transactional costs on your company in servicing the account. In every business, there are accounts that purchase less frequently, and with a smooth process that imposes very little cost. Conversely, there are also accounts that impose a very high cost through a frequent or chaotic interaction with your company. Recognizing these differences is vital to effectively managing the profit generated in the business. Get accurate account cost data so your team can differentiate between high- and low-cost accounts.

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Five Ways Managers Kill Performance

Many managers are still using outdated and ineffective ideas and methods that can limit, or even eliminate their ability to deliver great results. Be sure you’re not doing the same.

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