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Fleet costing

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Fleet costing: How to Analyze & Boost Profit from Delivery

Fleet and delivery operations are a frequently overlooked opportunity to add much more profit to your bottom line. In fact, every dollar you save or charge is just as beneficial as $25 in new sales.

No wonder today’s top companies are using surprising new methods to measure and optimize fleet costs, and implementing advanced analytics to set pricing and policies for deliveries. New ideas and new tools are shaping customer choices, and increase competitiveness.

This video shares what we’ve learned from hundreds of the best companies across more than a decade of strategic planning and on-the-ground tactics that have generated millions in new profits.

You can get a copy of the slide-deck used in this presentation to spark a conversation about your own costing efficiency. :Click here to download.

Delivery cost are factored into WayPoint throughout the system, but you can also zero-in using dedicated report like the one below:

Customers ranked by delivery cost

With WayPoint, you can access detailed reports on your delivery costs allowing you to accurately assess the actual effects of your delivery solutions. This information empowers you to customize your pricing structures to better fit your needs.

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