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Sales Dashboard

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WayPoint has more than 80 base reports, each with up to a dozen pop-up sub-reports that drill into the finest details of your distribution business. There’s no programming required—we’ve developed essentially every imaginable view of how costs and profits are driven in each customer relationship, product line, sales territory, or aspect of your operations. These are reports you can’t find anywhere else!

Sales Dashboard

Your Sales Dashboard should account for the true profitability of your activities. WayPoint built the costing system required to get you there. The result is one of the most powerful reports ever conceived to drive up profits and profit rates. This report segments the customer base, showing:

  • Best Customers for operational rework (Efficency Opportunities)
  • Best Customers for product penetration (Sales Focus)
  • Best Customers to protect with concierge customer service (Model)
  • Customers that are a dead loss and need to be replaced (Money-Losing)

It also shows:

  • Your G2E (Gross-profit to Expenses) ratio
  • The trend with key metrics
  • You NBC (Net Before Compensation)

See our Sales Dashboard release broadcast below:

In this 30-minutes video, Randy MacLean explains the powerful impact of getting a Sales snapshot that factors-in deep costing and how it enables the Sales effort to get back on-track, to its core mission. Click to watch.

What Kind of Analytics do you need?

Distribution company leaders, and their teams, need the next generation of metrics that measure efficiency at every level, monitor costs and profits, and evaluate customer value. These metrics focus sales initiatives and customer service priorities so that profit and cash-flow gains follow.

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With so many unique and powerful reports, we can’t show them all here.

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